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We have the latest in phones from the basic to the most technical 4G models. Find one to fit your needs.

Voice & Data Plans

Stream video, use amazing apps, and keep in touch on the go with racing 4G speeds nationwide.

Phone Trade-Up

The perfect option for those that like to get a new phone more often.

Add a Home Phone

Discover a new way to save on your home phone service for only $10 a month!

Here’s What Our Customers Say About Us

Silver Star is locally owned and operated. Working with a local company means better service from people that really care. That leads to better customer service, fair pricing and a true commitment to the client’s success.

Jim Webb, with Lower Valley Energy

At 3 am, when my clients and I start up the Grand Teton, it is too dark to see the weather moving in. But with my Silver Star Android I can check all the satellite images. When I take clients into the mountain, I like knowing that my wireless provided can cover the rugged terrain as well as I can.

Lynne Wolfe, Exum Mountain Guide and Driggs resident.